These are the most frequent questions that are asked while playing on our server.

Can I have OP? Edit

No. If you wish to have OP, become a Co-Owner or Admin.

Why is Custom Lore "Banned?" Edit

It's not that it's banned, it's just that it's slightly frowned upon. There have been problems with custom lore in the past. There have been cases where Custom Lore out weighted lore to the point of no return. IMPORTANT NOTE (YOU MIGHT WANNA READ THIS:) It's not that we despise and hate Custom Lore, it's just there has to be a limit. If you think your custom lore is taking over events that strictly happens in Tolkien's lore, don't suggest it.

If Custom Lore is "banned," why is there a non-canon ruler of Dale? Edit

In Tolkien's books, it never said that Brand was immediatly coming after Brand. This is an example where you can wiggle some Custom Lore in.