The Balchoth are a Easterling tribe from southern Rhún. They are mostly known from the Lord of the Rings Movies. Only little is known about them, but with the help of a bit of custom lore, we can make the faction a bit more playable.

Chakin armour


The History of the Balchoth Edit

Once the Balchoth were primitive and Savages. They used just like the Wainriders battlewaggons. But all their weapons and armor were way more primitive. They fought agains the free people in such a brutality, that many people feared them. That all changed after their defeat in the Battle of the Field of Celebrant. For a long time nothing was ever heard about the Balchoth. Until now. it seems like some Balchoth survived and created a new Dragon-worshipping Culture. The new Shah of the Balchoth, Rajan, has created a strong empire, full of Soldiers, no matter what gender. But on which side do they fight for? Will they Forgive Gondor, even if they killed all of their kids, women and men?

Militiary: Edit

The New Armor and Weapons are now way more Advanced, then the Armor and weapons they once got. They still are usings Battlewagons which are still not at advanced and fast as the ones that the Wainriders got, but now their are way more effective. They got the Hashashims, the Dragonknights and the well trained Soldiers, who are all ready to defend their Lands and maybe also to destroy everyone who stands in their way.