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Welcome to the Wiki for the Third Age: Rise of War server

About The ServerEdit

Congratulations, you just entered the Wiki for our server, Third Age: Rise of War. We are a Server that's using the Lord of the Rings mod. The Owner of this server is Antonconandoyle, and his both comerados are SadCat and Nick (NASIranger). You'll have to know that we aren't persons who take things too seriously, so please dont expect too serious gameplay here. It's made for fun after all, am I right? ;)

Before you join to enjoy the Ultimate crazy super-duper Third age: Rise of War experience, it's strongly recommend you to read our Rules

Rules and Gameplay Edit

  1. Respect other players
  2. Racism, sexism and other forms of insulting a specific group of people is strictly prohibited. 
  3. X-Ray mods and other hacks are not allowed. Don't ruin it for other players (and yourself).
  4. Mild swearing is allowed, as long as its either Roleplay or not addressed to a specific person/group. 
  5. Respect the ones who made this all possible, next to the ones who play it.
  6. Most things are possible, just when you discuss it with the owners.
  7. Use common sense.
  8. And most important of all: don't be a terminator from the year 2500.

Our server is a Roleplayserver with wars, quests, treasure hunts, etc. So you join the server, choose a role, and start working your way up to better roles, more power, more land and more fun! Most roles require alignment, and the ones who don't are considered "starter roles" and have a rather simple kit. Better roles will have better enchantments, and sometimes, special buffs. The wars have a rather complex rule system to keep everything fair and a bit realistic. If you want to know a bit more about the wars, send a message to Nick (NASIranger or SaxonSavage) who will explain it. And if this all seems like a bit much, don't worry, we wont throw you in the deep when you just joined. New players will be granted a bit peace to make them find their seats on the server. So turn on that minecraft, fill in the IP, join the server and start having fun!






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